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Stress-Free IT

with Intelligent
Infrastructure Solutions

Licensed and authorized by the

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 


Risk-Free IT

with Intelligent
Security Solutions

Licensed and authorized by the

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 

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Best-Fit Security Solutions from SatCoNet:
The Smart Way to Manage Your ICT Operations
Our Offerings
  • Firewall Solutions

  • Data Security Squad

  • Server Security

  • Network Security

  • Endpoint Security

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Security Managed Services

  • End-User Authentication

We help you to implement a robust IT security solution that helps you to focus on your core business & ensure continuity.

With our watertight Security Solutions for your IT Environment:

  • Improve the security posture of your networks and endpoints.

  • Ensure fully-compliant and sustainable security solutions.

  • Implement ICT security relevant to your transformation journey.

  • Mitigate risk with swift incident response and reliable threat protection.

  • Protect your mission-critical data and information repositories.

Firewall Solutions.png

Firewall management for securing internal & external networks from hackers and unwanted congestion besides preventing malicious software from accessing the corporate intranet or the internet.

Data Security Squad.png
Data Security

Expert insights to align risk management pertinent to sensitive data and prevention of data loss besides managing regulatory compliance, data encryption and protection, and cloud data security.

Server Security.png

Comprehensive protection covering cloud, on-premise, & hybrid servers ensuring threat detection and appropriate response against security breaches triggered by malware and ransomware.

Network Security.png

Comprehensive and complete network protection with wireless, web, email, antivirus and anti-spam software, access control management, and network segmentation.

Endpoint Security.png

Endpoint security solutions to block threats, remediate vulnerabilities, identify and block access to malicious domains, and terminate unauthorized users and compromised devices.

Infrastructure Security.png

Round-the-clock monitoring, threat detection, and triggering appropriate and automated security responses across onsite and offsite infrastructure and over the cloud.

Security Managed Services.png
Managed Services

Taking the stress out of security management with Central Dashboard via web, firewalls, network, & server platform technologies along with patch management, identity management, and vulnerability scanning.

End-User Authentication.png

Authentication and access management as per functional protocols to defend against identity theft, phishing, data breaches and thereby, enhancing overall ICT security.

Avail Extensive Range of Customized Services that include:

  • Firewall Management

  • Cloud-Delivered Security

  • Web Gateway Security

  • Unified Threat Management

  • Endpoint Security

  • Managed Identity Services

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