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Stress-Free IT

with Intelligent
Infrastructure Solutions

Licensed and authorized by the

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 

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Our Offerings
  • Modern Data Centre

  • Multi-Cloud Environment

  • Wired & Wireless Networking

  • Hardware & Software

  • Infrastructure Managed Services

  • Data & Internet Services

Our comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions Suite is tailored to sync with your

requirements and budget considerations.

With Our Robust and Future-Ready Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Build a resilient infrastructure for your ICT operations.

  • Ensure compliance and adherence to stringent regulations and standards.

  • Manage ICT risk effectively and gain from rapid disaster recovery.

  • Control costs and achieve efficiency with a self-regulated ICT environment.

  • Enable mobility, collaboration, and flexibility for your team.

Best-Fit Infrastructure Solutions from SatCoNet:
The Smart Way to Manage Your ICT Operations
Modern Data Centre.png
Data Centre

Effective workflow management through optimal server configurations & load balancing besides ensuring adherence to disaster recovery protocols.

Multi-Cloud Environment.png
Multi-Cloud Environment

Facilitating the seamless transition to cloud through proper planning, designing, and commissioning of cutting-edge and secure cloud infrastructure.

Wired & Wireless Networking.png
Wired & Wireless Networking

Dedicated bandwidth and fewer network traffic interruptions with reliable Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Hardware & Software.png
& Software

Advisory on enterprise architecture, integration protocols, & security framework besides ensuring preventive maintenance and periodic upgrades.

Infrastructure Managed Services.png
Infrastructure Managed Services

Managed Services comprising hardware & software management, network & cloud optimization, security, preventive maintenance, and vendor management.

Data & Internet Services.png
Data & Internet

Assured connectivity through 'Single Hop' data connectivity throughout Tanzania via Fiber, Microwave, MPLS, and VSAT.

Infrastructure Availability & Redundancy
Infra Availability & Redundancy

Robust solutions to ensure minimum downtime of ICT systems, network, and internet and build fault tolerance through preventive maintenance.

Network Security.png
Infrastructure Security

Enterprise security setup and management accompanied by network protection, intrusion prevention, and firewall management.

Avail Extensive Range of Customized Services that include:

  • Feasibility Study and Advisory

  • Design and Planning

  • Hardware and Software Implementation

  • Security Solutions Installation

  • Network Setup and Optimization

  • Commissioning and Testing

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