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Scale IT Up

with SatCoNet's
Intelligent Solutions

Licensed and authorized by the

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 

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Best-Fit Solutions from SatCoNet:
The Smart Way to Manage Your ICT Operations

We have three core areas of expertise: ICT Infrastructure, ICT Security, and Communication Solutions.

We offer multiple solutions under each of these categories as detailed below:

Infrastructure Availability & Redundancy
Infrastructure Solutions
  • Modern Data Centre

  • Multi-Cloud Environment

  • Wired & Wireless Networking

  • Hardware & Software

  • Infrastructure Managed Services

  • Data & Internet Services

Server Security.png
Security Solutions
  • Firewall Solutions

  • Data Security Squad

  • Server Security

  • Network Security

  • Endpoint Security

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Security Managed Services

  • End-User Authentication

Seamless Remote Connectivity.png
Communication Solutions
  • Backhaul Services

  • Enterprise Data Services

  • Broadband Internet Services

  • Seamless Remote Connectivity

  • Maintenance & Resource Mobilisation


  • Business Risk Mitigation

  • High Availability & Performance

  • High Reliability: Guaranteed Uptime (99.95%)

  • High Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Data & Information Security 

  • Compliance with ICT Best Practices

  • Privacy Assurance

  • Transparency

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