Managed Services

How will SatCoNet assist? 


We will managed key IT infrastructure and help you focus on your core business activities

  • We have all the resources under one roof

    • Availability of expertise in key IT domains to ensure the services in accordance with severity levels  

    • Service availability in all domains (IT and data communications) as and when required

  • We are physically close to customers

    • Quick resolution of issues with maximum impact of customers business

  • Reduced operational costs

    • Reduce in IT operational overhead, in terms of lower investment in human resources

    • PAY AS YOU GO model

  • Expert advice for design, review and optimize the solutions

    • Increase operational  productivity and minimizing Information security risks to the business and ROI (Return-on-Investment)  

  • Quick resolution of issues with minimum impact of customers business

    • Minimum disruption to business

  • SLA with commitment

    • Ensuring the availability of expert resources as per SLA

  • 24/7 monitoring of availability, performance, software update and security of IT components

    • Issues are identified, highlighted and resolved before it actually occur

  • Track record of our resources and services


We will ensure the following for your IT system and networks:

  • Availability 

  • Reliability

  • Performance

  • Secured Information Assets & Data and

  • Compliance to IT best practice

Key ares we will focus 

  • Firewall 

Is a guard to ensure that Information Assets are accessible to need users / devices only 

Network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and un-trusted external network, such as the Internet and restricts role based access to Information Assets

  • Servers

Is the heart of customers business information with authorized access to users

Server are computers responsible for the central storage and management of data files so that restricted users on restricted computers can access them in accordance with their roles

  • End User

End users are key to empower operational productivity to the business.

End users is a person who ultimately uses or is intended to ultimately use IT systems for business use

Value Proposition 

  • Reduction in IT Operational overhead, in terms of lower investment in human resources

  • Organization need not invest in resources in staff training and skills development

  • No need of investing in overseas skills resources

  • Will enable company to focus on its core business

  • One stop resource to coordinate with all branches of the organization

  • Operational cost model as opposed to fixed costs

Our Managed Services

Reduced OPEX costs

  • We provides specialized support based on customer needs / requirements

  • (Depending on the level of involvement the cost will vary)*

  • Predictable spending, know in advance and have better budgets

Risk free services, SatCoNet manages all aspects of IT services for you

Full management of IT services including coordinating with different service providers

SatCoNet will take care of Preventive Maintenance

IT system optimized to meet objectives

Insurance for your business, proactive data protection and managed IT security services offers total protection for business critical data and infrastructure 

Traditional Services

Increased OPEX costs

  • Cost of Support Staff / Annual

  • Cost of Capacity Building for IT Staff

  • Specialized expertise (such as expatriate)  required. 

  • The average cost depending on the level of IT in the company

  • Difficult to budget for unpredictable downtimes / support

Risk of

  • Staff leaving the job abruptly

  • Time getting suitable replacements

  • Capacity required for job is a challenge

  • HR activities

Coordination with different service providers to be undertaken by the clients themselves

Preventive Maintenance will have to be taken up by each supplier of IT hardware equipment's

IT investment costs (not optimized) to meet objectives

Very few business have their own data protection strategy and not revised to cater for new threats mostly its reactive support

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