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Communication Solutions

Licensed and authorized by the

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 

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Best-Fit Communication Solutions from SatCoNet:
The Smart Way to Manage Your ICT Operations
Our Offerings
  • Backhaul Services

  • Enterprise Data Services

  • Broadband Internet Services

  • Seamless Remote Connectivity

  • Maintenance & Resource Mobilisation

We enable enterprises to stay connected even in remote places with minimum downtime. Our goal is to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) expand their presence beyond urban and semi-urban areas.

With our State-of-the-Art Communication Solutions:

  • Avail full network coverage.

  • Access multi-route connectivity to the World Wide Web.

  • Get best-fit connectivity using terrestrial & satellite means.

  • Bring down infrastructure costs for connectivity and network.

  • Gain issuance, mobility, and portability to expand digital presence.

Backhaul Services.png

High throughput satellite connectivity for MNOs. Avail Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), without having to invest in terrestrial plant infra, providing remote connectivity through Open RAN and VSATs..

Enterprise Data Services.png
Data Services

Empowering business continuity with secure, private connections, guaranteed SLAs, high Quality of Service (QoS) for mission-critical operations, and financial inclusion using any communication media.

Internet Services

Registered ISP, with Autonomous System Number AS37013, providing high-speed Internet access services using multiple and fully protected/redundant access links to TIER 1 global Internet.

Seamless Remote Connectivity.png
Seamless Remote

Access to multiple network infrastructure over terrestrial, underground, & overhead Fibre Optics, Microwave, MPLS, and VSAT, providing connectivity virtually anywhere in Tanzania and beyond.

Broadband Internet Services.png
Key Benefits
Maintenance & Resource Mobilisation.png
& Resources

SatCoNet will supply and maintain all the equipment besides deploying service engineers. The client need not incur capital infra expenditure and operational overheads in terms of recruiting and training technical manpower.

High Quality of Service.png
High Quality of Service (QoS)

Configured as priority data service, totally independent from any local network traffic and without any circuit bandwidth constraint. Neither affected by cellular data congestion nor dependent on any fixed infrastructure on the communication routes.

Cost Control.png

Procure bandwidth based on business needs and at wholesale prices, paying only for the capacity needed in Mbps. Commit to the next level only upon the readiness of additional sites.

Real-Time Analytics.png

Full visibility of all the VSATs installed for effective bandwidth management using real-time data & analytics. The asymmetric configuration will further optimize bandwidth and reduce cost per site.

Avail Extensive Range of Customized Services that include:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

  • End-to-end Managed Network Services

  • End-to-end Cellular Backhaul Solutions

  • Secure and Private Connectivity

  • Access to TIX for Local Cached Content

  • Domain Registration, Email, & Web Hosting

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