Internet Services

SatCoNet is fully registered Internet Service Provider with Autonomous System Number AS37013 provides its customers with high speed Internet access services to the Global Internet using SEACOM in a fully protected/redundant access to TIER 1 global Internet.


SEACOM is a submarine cable operator with a network of submarine and terrestrial high speed fiber-optic cable that serves the East and West coast of AFrica. SEACOM's reach extends to and from Europe, India and Asia, an undersea fibre optic cable system connecting countries in Eastern Africa to the rest of the world.


SatCoNet Offering

  • E-Mail Services 

  • Domain, E-Mail and Web hosting services

  • Hosting Services for Servers/Hardware for Primary / Disaster Recovery  as part of Business Continuity services  


SatCoNet Broadband Internet Services

Broadband Internet services truly is the most used form of Internet access because of its high access speeds; it is offered in different forms by SatCoNet using its, fiber-optic cable distribution infrastructure, point-to-point high throughput microwave (wireless) distribution infrastructure and satellite VSAT services with its gateway in Dar es Salaam enabling single hop connectivity for corporate across Tanzania


SatCoNet E-Mail Services

SatCoNet provides email solution that best fits the business needs as we understand that to ensure high-class productivity it’s important to develop a smooth communication environment. SatCoNet is a one stop shop for all your corporate emails, email security and email archiving requirements as our e-mails services do uses Anti-Spam and Anti-virus multi-level protection which is  next-generation enterprise email security solution that ensures spam & virus emails are blocked at the Internet level. So, you can save on bandwidth & storage requirements thus eliminating productivity loss from managing junk emails


Using our E-Mails services, will experience the following: 

  • 95% spam-free emails

- Multiple layers of spam protection and intelligence built by our servers over time
- Multi-layered spam protection Real-time blacklists monitoring (RBLs)
- Zero false-positive ratio
- Protection against DDoS attacks
- Heuristics, fingerprint & DNA checks
- Personal quarantine area & spam-digest
- Inbound content and attachment filtering

  • 100% virus-free emails

Ensure not even a single email infected with virus enters your corporate network with triple level of virus protection
Triple-level virus protection
Zero-hour virus outbreak protection
Commtouch patented technology
Daily virus digest

  • Highly secure infrastructure

Your email data is completely secure from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat

  • Simplified web-based administration

Manage your anti-spam & anti-virus cloud server anytime from anywhere through a web-based graphical admin interface.

SatCoNet Domain, WEB & E-Mail Hosting Services

SatCoNet provides Peace-of-Mind Web Hosting Experience. Affordable High Availability, Security and Flexibility to Grow your Business Seamlessly.

SatCoNet Co-Location Hosting Service at our Data Center 

SatCoNet provides state of the art Data Center which has a capacity of 14 full sized 42U Data Racks in a dedicated space where companies can keep and operate most of the ICT infrastructure that supports their business. The space have a raised floor with cabling ducts running underneath to feed power to the cabinets and carry the cables that connect the cabinets together. The environment is controlled in terms of areas such as temperature & humidity, both to ensure the performance and the operational integrity of the systems within. The facilities include power supplies, backup power, precision air conditioners, cabling, fire & water detection systems and security controls all in compliance to world wide Data Center standards and TCRA security guidelines

The advantages of using SatCoNet Data Centre are as follows:

  • Optimum environment for ICT compliance to international Data Centre Standards 

  • High Network benefits, network availability, reliability, agility & scalability

  • Multiple network infrastructure access over terrestrial underground and overhead fiber optic, microwave, MPLS and C-Band VSAT, providing connectivity virtually anywhere in Tanzania and beyond

  • Service benefits, monitoring and maintaining your system 24/7 by SatCoNet professionals

  • Cost-saving benefits, No any construction or preparation costs for ICT environment

  • Secure ICT environment

  • Physical Co-Location with secure connectivity from end to end for disaster recovery management by customer

  • Virtual Server-Colocation through SatCoNet’s Secure Server platform with secure connectivity from end to end for disaster recovery management by customer

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