Data Services

Our connectivity  solution encompasses using the most cost effective solution which suits the customer’s operational requirements, Hence the solution is a perfect for organizations whose operations are mission critical

  • Anywhere in Tanzania, Secure, Private, High Capacity, High Availability Connectivity Solution /Services providing high Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

We provide always-on, anywhere services and are the ideal solution to connect location or business operation that is “off-grid” and not within reach of the mobile or fixed telecommunication

  • Reliability – Guaranteed Services SLA’s

Always-ON, Anywhere, Anytime connectivity services

Our network operates with 99.95% reliability , are not dependent on any fixed infrastructure on the communication routes and all equipment locations are fully secured and protected

  • Quality of Service

The service is totally independent of any local network traffic and is not affected by cellular data congestion. The service is also provisioned without any circuit bandwidth constrains and configured as a priority data service to ensure immediate response and no service degradation

  • Management Controls and Visibility of Networks

End to end visibility of real-time and historical data of bandwidth throughput, utilization and status to assist in further analytics reports of entire network and security

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