Cellular Back Hauling Services

SatCoNet solution for Mobile Networks Operator (MNO) with remote sites that need to connect back to a core network with VSAT platform is a scalable and flexible multi-service high throughput satellite communications platform that allows Mobile Networks Operator (MNO’s) to build and adapt their networks easily as their business’s grow and services evolve. We facilitate MNO’s to grow their networks footprints beyond Urban and Suburban areas where MNO’s are faced with a number of challenges as follows:

Typical Challenges (in Urban Edge, Rural and Remote Rural)

  • Population distribution is uneven, far flung and remote

  • The population income and spending pattern distinctly different from an urban populace profile 

  • The geographical area of Tanzania is mainly uneven terrain with less reliable access and utility support 

  • The dilemma between investments and returns in rural areas

  • Physical terrain challenges such as sites lacking access roads

  • Lack of telecom infrastructure (such as power)

  • Uneven terrain resulting in high cost of implementing and sustaining terrestrial network, like high Construction costs and logistical hurdles of building cell sites

  • Cost benefit in investing in high throughput networks against low consumption pattern 

SatCoNet Offering

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), without having to invest in it 

  • Customer signs up for bandwidth, as per requirement, at whole sale prices, as opposed to signing up for site-wise bandwidth requirements

  • Equipment will be provided and maintained by SatCoNet

  • The Customer can also train own engineers to do installations

  • Customers takes the ownership of managing network to suit their business needs and models

  • Customer has no other overheads on maintenance of site equipment, infrastructure etc.  

  • A network traffic physically separate from others.

  • Alternate perspective in the form of end to end managed service using open RAN (small cell technology) 

SatCoNet Value Proposition

  • Satellite access services are not a replacement for microwave, ADSL or fiber services. It is complimentary to a conventional terrestrial network

Hence this solution is a perfect backup option for organization whose operations are mission critical 

  • In Principle, satellite is a point-to-multipoint broadcast two-way technology which has very different advantages to point-to-point terrestrial circuits 

  • Off-Grid, Secure, Private, High Capacity, High Availability Satellite Solutions/Services

Satellite networks provide always-on, anywhere services and are the ideal solution to connect location or business operation that is “off-grid” and not within reach of the mobile or fixed telecommunication 

  • Reliability – Guaranteed Services SLA’s

Always-ON, Anywhere, Anytime connectivity services 
Satellite networks operates with 99.95% reliability , are not dependent on any fixed infrastructure on the communication routes and all equipment locations are fully secured and protected

  • Quality of Service

The satellite service is totally independent of any local network traffic and is not affected by cellular data congestion. The service is also provisioned without any circuit bandwidth constrains and configured as a priority data service to ensure immediate response and no service degradation
Capabilities to configure as asymmetric bandwidth which will further optimize bandwidth usage per site and save on bandwidth costs

  • Management Controls and Visibility of Networks 

Customer has full control to manage its bandwidth pool and has full visibility of all the VSAT’s installed

What are we charging for?

  • In case of cellular back haul, bandwidth prices depending on the volume of bandwidth 

  • In case of end to end managed service, one time cost and the monthly recurring cost will be as low as 50 – 60% of the conventional RAN technology 

What is the saving?

  • High costs of capital investment required on non-core area

  • Save on need for committing long term additional resources in space segment 
    (Avoiding Multiyear Contracts)

  • Customer can commit to the next level of bandwidth only upon readiness of additional sites, as opposed to renting space segment, where customer starts paying from the date of signing up

  • Customer has all the management tools without having to invest and hence has full control of sites

  • Minimal investment in existing human resource for managing operations, as opposed to management of a VSAT Gateway

  • The customer is able to invest all resources into core activities

  • Customer pays for the capacity needed in Mbps, as opposed to MHz and losses resulting from conversion from MHz to Mbps

End to end visibility of real-time and historical data of bandwidth throughputs, utilization and status to assist in further analytics reports of entire network and security

  • Swift Deployment

Satellite access services require the minimum onsite infrastructure and doesn’t require any long-distance terrestrial plant infrastructure. This enables organizations to swiftly deploy at the shortest possible time, resulting in shorter operational start-up cycle

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